About KLBC

The Kuala Lumpur Business Club (KLBC) is a premier networking group in Malaysia with various global partnerships and linkages that have been established through its own initiatives.

Launched on 2 June 2003, KLBC today represents the interests of members who are captains of industry in Malaysia.


The KLBC clearly provides a unique opportunity for its members to interact with each other, share ideas, collaborate together towards achieving bigger objectives that could not be accomplished individually. The value of the relationship building that the KLBC brings to its members is priceless.

Without a doubt, the KLBC is an important business community that continues to shape the country's economy. Through the collective pursuit for inclusive growth and dynamism of members, each member fulfils his respective role in nation-building. Hence, as a private organisation, we complement the efforts of our government in trade and investment with other nations.

KLBC's reputation in the business community allows us to be viewed as a credible source of knowledge and information on things national and international. We also enjoy close relationships with regulators, Government and opinion leaders here and in the strategic international markets.

Through overseas business visits which are the hallmark of KLBC, it opens doors for its members to tap on the global business opportunities, and continues to do so today. Since its founding in 2003, the KLBC has had successful business visits to Singapore, Jakarta, Bangkok, Hanoi, Manila, Washington DC, New York, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. This type of bridge-building, much of it informal and of a cultural or personal nature, that we engage in, has been an essential driving force in the growing economic integration we have witnessed over the past decade.

As a pre-eminent business group, KLBC provides the direct access to key private sector decision-makers across the globe has the potential to deliver greater, real, tangible economic benefits for Malaysian entrepreneurs, both at home and abroad.

Mission & Vision

  • Our Mission
    To bring Malaysian businesses and business leaders together in a positive working relationship through innovative leadership and enhanced corporate responsibility and accounta
    Our Vision
    To be recognised as the pre-eminent business organisation in Malaysia for business and corporate advocacy, networking and economic growth.

Our Goals

  • To foster a healthy business climate and to improve the competitiveness of its members through: -

    • By sharing business leadership best practices
    • By updating members regularly on leading edge management thinking and strategic and technology trends
    • By developing Malaysia's business intellectual capital